Smoke Alarm with 10 Year Battery

Smoke Alarm with 10 Year Battery


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While an essential piece of equiopment, most Smoke Alarms pose a hassle for the Maintenance Team at the facility; as the recommendation is to change the typical 9V Battery at least one a year.


This quality Brooks Smoke Alarm has a lithium-ion Battery with a 10 Year expected lifespan, so no annoying annual maintenance is required.


In addition, Smoke Alarms usually have to be replaced every 10 years which, once again generates additional maintenance work and, because these units must be connected to 240V these days, the replacement work needs to be completed by a licensed Electrician. The Brooks Smoke Alarm is a two-piece unit, comprising the base and detector and, once installed, replacement is as simple as sliding off the old detector and sliding on a new one. No Electrician required!