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Apollo Pager

Apollo Pager

SKU: AP-700

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The new model Apollo 700 alphanumeric pager recieves and alerts you of messages which are displayed on its LCD display. This pager replaces the previous 924 and Gold models and comes with a holster.

  • Features

    • 4 line LCD frontlit display (zoomable to 2 lines)
    • Holds up to 25 messages
    • 3 multi-function buttons for easy navigation
    • Configurable alert tones and vibrations
    • Durable polycarbonate housing with clip
  • Specifications

    • POCSAG paging protocol
    • 8 capcodes available
    • 45x16mm display shows 84 characters in 4 line configuration
    • Includes alkaline AAA battery and backup lithium battery
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