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Waterproof Tactile Shower Call Point

Waterproof Tactile Shower Call Point

SKU: NC101103

Constructed from durable ABS plastic, and with IP67 water and dust resistance, the Xacom Waterproof Tactile Shower Call Point is easily installed and provides a robust and reliable call point solution for any area where the call point will be in direct contact with water.


The point has a hard-wearing vinyl fascia, a single tactile call button with reasurance LED and is cancelled using the cancel button on the associated bathroom call point.


  • Features

    • Single tactile call button
    • Reassurance LED
    • Braille indentations on button
    • Waterproof and easy to retrofit or replace
  • Specifications

    • Durable ABS plastic construction
    • IP67 water and dust resistance
    • DIN 42115 chemical resistance
    • 76mm x 116mm x 12mm (WxHxD)
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