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Thermal Kiosk - Active Fever Detection

Thermal Kiosk - Active Fever Detection


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The Dahua Active Fever Detection System provides accurate, automated temperature measurement to potentially assist in the identification of fever that could be present in individuals with COVID-19 or Influenza.


It can be used in its basic temperature measurement configuration, delivered to you fully set up, and has the capacity to be expanded to integrate with your Access Control System, Turnstyles, Network Video Recorders and much more.


Please click on the link below to watch a 2 minute Video that demonstrates its capabilities.



  • Features

    Mask Detection Mode

    3 different high-quality mounting options

    Zero setup required for basic functionality

    Intuitive user interface

  • Specifications

    Accuracy: +/- 0.5 degrees celcius

    Speed: Measures a moving target in less than 0.2 seconds

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