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COVIDeo cameras

Updated: May 18, 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Xacom immediately started exploring what we could be doing to help.

We noticed that taking people's temperature in order to screen for a fever (the number symptom of Covid-19) was was becoming increasingly necessary and on a larger scale than ever before. The current solution employed by many facilities was to have staff using hand-held temperature guns stationed at the entryways. This is slow and requires people to break social distancing protocols just to be measured, making it a somewhat self defeating solution!

Not to mention it is physically invasive (you're pointing a gun at someone's head after all!). So we searched high and low for a better solution:

Xacom's Active Fever Detection System (or COVIDeo camera as I like to call it!) is about 100 times faster and a million times safer and easier than the old manual approach. We prepared a little video which gives a few more details:

We looked at HEAPS of possible systems before settling on this one from the well respected manufacturer Dahua for 2 reasons:

1. It is more accurate than competitors, using advanced algorithms to give temperature from the position on the face that is most indicative of core body temperature.

2. With this system we are able to provide integrations (which is what we're know for) with many other systems to allow this tool to not just be another standalone thing that you have to learn to use, but an integral component of a wider, more powerful system.

Give us a call if you're at all interested. We're happy to arrange a demo or customise a setup precisely to your needs.

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