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Its Alive!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Many businesses, particularly retail, have been struggling amidst the financial uncertainty and social distancing regulations stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic. In this chaos though one area has been booming: Online Shopping.

And what better way of maintaining the regulated 1.5 meters than by staying an entire electrical network away over the internet, where the only viruses received come from suspicious banner ads on websites or emails from wealthy princes!

We've been working hard in this area to make it easier than ever to get the resources you need to take care of people and are proud to announce the release of our very own online shop!

Please feel free to check it out to see some new and exciting products and don't be afraid to drop us a line to ask any questions or give some feedback. We're always happy to chat!

To those of you reading this who work in healthcare, thank you for your great service and we look forward to discovering new technologies that take care of you as you take care of others!

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